Song and Album I‚Äčnformation

"People are always asking me how the song "Baby Come Back" came about.

J.C. Crowley and I had set about writing a handful of songs together. We had started a band with Steve Kipner and Reed Kailing called Bandana, which released one single and then split up. We had a few of those Bandana songs sitting around that we had written with those guys. Three of those songs ended up on the first Player album. We started to put a new band together (which would become Player). One afternoon we got together at my place in Hollywood, and started throwing ideas around. J.C. started playing the initial chord, which is A flat with a B flat bass, and then we started going back and forth from that chord to the G minor. Pretty soon we were coming up with the verse lyrics, and since we had both recently experienced the end of a relationship, the words flowed easily.

Pretty soon we had half a song, and left it there. The next day we found the chorus and knew we had something.

The bridge came the next day I think, and I threw in the guitar riff intro. It only took us a few afternoons.

Once we started playing it to people on acoustic guitars the reaction said it all. We tried to make the bridge something like what the Righteous Brothers might do, with J.C. taking the lower "Nothing left for me ?"line and me answering with the falsetto "Ain't there nothin' left for me?". I think it's a very catchy bridge with the stop and all, and I think it had a lot to do with what made it a hit."

Peter Beckett


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